Our corporate services include creation, organization, and restructuring of corporations and non-corporate entities. In representing our corporate and non corporate clients, we draft agreements and documents relative to partnership compensation arrangements, agency, licensing, shareholder arrangements and distributions, employment and compensation of executives and employees, limited liability operating agreements, and confidentiality and proprietary business information.  

We are also involved in the origination of loan documents, securing and protecting copyright and trademark rights, evaluating tax liabilities, negotiating and drafting joint venture agreements, drafting of lease agreements, and drafting commercial and construction contracts.

We also counsel our clients on routine corporate matters, pricing and sales policies, corporate financing, and purchase and sale agreements. In addition, our corporate law team provides legal services in all  aspects of corporate financing and capital raising transactions.  In most circumstances, we assist our clients in negotiating with the entities providing financing.  We also provide specialized services when multiple layers of financing are involved which may include public debt or equity financing and syndication of equity through private placement offerings.    

Our attorneys provide legal services in organization and licensing of retail stores, contract drafting, analysis, and review, acquiring of permits, obtaining import and export licenses, procuring of liquor licenses, and organizing not-for-profit medical and professional groups.   We also assist minority, women, and disadvantaged business enterprises obtain certification from government agencies to enable them to participate in government projects and programs.